SHORT DOCUMENTARY // Year of production 2017 // 23 min. //

Spoken Language: Dutch

Subtitles: French And Dutch // Stereo // Sound production and mixing, Yoerik Roevens sonogents

A film by Maïté Baillieul and Nancy Van Sieleghem

Commissioned by the Children's Rights Commission, Bruno Vanobbergen and André Oeyen NVSG/ANAH

How do we think and talk about inclusive education now? What does the M-Decreet mean in concrete terms? What does the M-Decreet make possible or not possible? Will we think in a more inclusive way, or does the M-Decreet miss its goal? The film WIDE ANGLE tries to visualize these questions. We focus on students with a disability who enroll in mainstream education. In concrete terms, we enter discussions with teachers, parents and students. The film does not directly want to demonstrate the good or bad practices of inclusive education. The film does not want to be pedantic, but it shows the distortions as well as the heaviness and beauty, so that time and space can open up multiple voices and a nuanced view.

BREEDHOEK aims to shine a different light on this debate. Not a consistent story, but a story of becoming. Rooted in tensions and contradictions, struggles, lack of understanding, openness and hope.