Shortmovie fiction

Written directed and produced by/Maïté Baillieul/IDEAproductions/Year of production 2018

cast en crew: Fritz/Francis Claeys Ulrich/Nicole Köhler Peter/Marc Van Dijck

Choreographer/Nicole Kohler Director of Photography/Tim De Smet First Assistent director/Minske Van Wijk Production Sound/Walter Grimm Art director/Maïté Baillieul Edited by/Maïté Baillieul Sounddesign/Yoerik Roevens Mixed at Sonogents Spoken language:French, Swiss German Color & black and White Format 16/9 Sound digital DDS

SHORT MOVIE Fritz wakes up on his deathbed and receives the last cleansing by his beloved Ulrich. During this ritual they say farewell to each other and their shared past. However, more and more Fritz is occupied by another dimension over which he has no control. There is no way back.