REFLECTION ROOM is an initiative that developed from the need to approach the PASSION for film in a COLLECTIVE context and on an experimental, inquisitive and structural level. Unlike traditional production companies, which focus mainly on achieving a socially profitable artistic product, reflection room offers time and space, regardless of social or financial requirements, in order to OFFER the author a fair process.

Productional and artistic ideas are discussed. Different artistic, technical and productional stages of the artistic process (in particular those of the cinematography) are practiced. It is an abstract, virtual LAB as well as a physical test space where the DIALOGUE between different people hones and expands the reflection of the filmmaker.

Reflection room focuses on the professional circuit, but also adopts an INDEPENDENT attitude towards the common commercialized circuit, because we believe that freedom provides a fertile ground for cinema, which also allows for processes and products of an atypical nature. The pursuit of the personal artistic language is paramount.

We meet regularly. Dates, times and location are variable and considered to be dependent on the content and the participants.

Everybody, screenwriters, video ARTISTS, producers, actors, directors, technicians, camera men, composers, sound designers, artists from other disciplines, advanced or emerging ... is welcome.
If this is of interest to you, please contact me via