Nathan Baillieul

Nathan Baillieul

Nathan's dance career commenced at the young age of four. Before he started with Irish dance in 1998, Nathan had already experience in dancing classical ballet dancing, Oriental dancing, Indian temple dancing and Scottish dancing. As he favoured Irish and Scottish dancing, Nathan started to focuse on these latter dance styles.

As Irish Step dance is a competetive sport, Nathan competed frequently at feises (or feiseanna, as the Irish dance Competitions are called) all over Europe. At the beginning of 21st century's 1st decade, Irish dancing boomed all over mainland Europe. Irish dance teachers from Ireland and Great Britain moved or travelled on a regular basis to multiple locations in mainland Europe with a fast increase of the level at competitions.

As Belgium wasn't so fortunate to have one of these teachers, Nathan moved to Dublin in 2005 to have classes with the world famous 'O’Sé (also O'Shea) School of Irish Dance'. After that, he set up a dance school in Berlin, Germany.

Still, Nathan wished to improve his own dancing and in 2010 he set himself a new aim: competing at the world championships of Irish Dance in Dublin 2011. He moved to Munich to learn with Tìr nanÒg Germany under the direction of Shane McAvinchey. Nathan qualified for the world chamionships in Stuttgart, Germay in november 2010 where he came 4th.

At the end of April 2011 he competed successfully and as first Belgian at the worldchampionships of Irish Dance in Dublin where he placed 21st and simultanuously the first of Mainland Europe.

After the worlds, Nathan moved back to belgium to set up his proper dance school Eireann Dance Academy.